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Livraison gratuite des crokinoles 62 cm en Belgique jusqu'au mercredi 8 avril !

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Crokinole standard board (78 cm)

Crokinole standard board (78 cm)

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Probably the world's nicest flicking game!

Crokinole is a traditional tabletop dexterity game, where you take turns flicking discs on a circular wooden board. The objective of the game is to place your discs in the highests scoring areas of the board. The game can be taught in two minutes and provide hundreds of hours of fun for players of all ages.


Mini crokinole or standard crokinole?

Our smooth, sturdy and lightweight mini crokinole boards are perfect for casual flicking with family and friends. If you like to play on the go or your gaming space is limited, a mini board is the best option.


However if you don't mind getting a huge chunk of carefully crafted wood and making all your friends jealous, get one of our standard crokinole boards and live the crokinole experience to the max.


How to play?

See the quick play rules here.

Choose your favourite crokinole board among the available models!


All boards ship with 48 discs in 4 colours:

  • natural
  • black (or yellow for boards with an ebony playing surface)
  • red
  • blue

​You can also specify a different combination of disc colours in the Available Options section above. If you choose more than 4 colours, we will ask you to pay 12 EUR per additional set.

Get a transport bag for your crokinole set!

You can also add a black carry case for with a huge blue pocket to make carrying your entire crokinole set as comfortable as possible.


Ditch colour See options
Playing surface colour See options
Playing surface diameter 66 cm / 26''
Total diameter 78 cm / 30''
Weight approx. 7 kg
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Ex Tax: 0.81€

Choose your favourite crokinole board among the available models! Discs All boards ship w..
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